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Tire spoons are for regular rims. Tire irons or Lock Ring Tools are for the split rims. There is a huge difference between military and civilian split rim setups. I wouldn't touch a civilian split rim with a 10 foot pole, but the military ones are pretty safe if you have common sense.

We aired one down and then tried to pry the ring off with a D590 loader and it wouldn't budge. The bead either has to rip or be pushed off for the ring to come off.

I think I took a movie of it, but that was 6 years ago. :(

Trango said:
Those stock 9x20's are also not the strongest tire. They're load range "D", and they are generally made from poor rubber. They are, after all, low bidder tires.

Oh yeah, on the topic of the rims themselves, you should be aware of all of the safety concerns that come along with dealing with split rims, which are exTREMELY dangerous to air up and down. They're very field serviceable with some wheel spoons, but man, split rims are just about the most dangerous thing to snap a tire chuck onto and air up, so if you're going to air the thing up and down, well, don't. You can also put a weld onto the split ring to hold it in place, which will make it "safer", but man, unless you do a full circumferential weld on there to hold it, those wheels are still "dangerous".

Anyway, that's my worry-wort advice.
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