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Rocky Mountain Offroad's New Jeep (spy pics)

Some pics of Marks latest project. Mark also built the Red FJ-45 on the 406 Mog Axles, and designed the rear suspension on my truck.

It will have a stock Jeep body.

Cage is 1 5/8 cro-mo.

rear 9" 4.56, spool, aluminum center, 35 spline Strange Axles, 14" Doetsch Coilovers, 4 link,

Rocky Mountain Offroad joints (Mark makes his own Johnny joints)

front 44, Warn Alloys, CTM's, 4.56, detroit, Doetsch Coilovers 14"m JJ's, 4 link w/panhard.

Final paint will be Deep blue (body) and silver.

Weight about 3200 lbs loaded.

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