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The following pictures and account were sent to me by a friend . . .enjoy!

last thurs pm...it is 8 degrees and blowing 20-25...Colin is out cruising
the beach ...but he is with some hot chick he is trying to feed it too....they turn in off the ocean by the Mecox cut (an natural inlet that forms and fills depending on the storms)...SUPPOSEDLY the sand blew over the ice and he thought he was still on the beach...but you look at the picture and make the call...
chick said she was riding along with colin with the heat blasting and tunes rocking ..having a nice time ..then theres a HUGE crunching noise and water is in her window like an aquarium...and colin is winding down his
window..jumping on the roof and yelling "BAIL BAIL BAIL"
Colin calls someone to come get him ..then calls my brother in FL to tell
him what happened...my brother immediately calls another friend (who has
that 109 from Aust) to go take pictures so we can all laugh at Colin....

where was I ...ok so Colin and chick get picked up...they are riding in a
friends truck back to town to get Swede the only guy with a wrecker mean
enough to get that thing out..and they see Jimmy go past them in his
109.....he doesn't recognize the friends truck and keeps going ....
when they get back this is what they see:

before it settled...

The recovery:


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I have made it a practice to always wear my Carhartts wherever Ike is involved as I either get muddy, or chewed on... Doesn't matter if it is 'wheeling, retrieving Rovers from mountainside redoubts, or just visiting...

Just wait until he visits my house and I can make sure he leaves covered in cat hair!

I'll stop before this gets sent to chit-chat:flipoff2:

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