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They have a ton of promise as a donor for old Jeeps.

The centers are basically D44 clones, but the carrier uses a unique offset for the factory 3.73 gears with 19 spline axles. If you want to re-gear the axles you either have to change out the stock carrier AND gears, or use a ring gear spacer like this.


The other shafts in front are 10 spline like the early jeeps, but with a 297/760x size u-joint in an open knuckle. The axles come with drive flanges. You can bolt on normal Jeep 10-spline locking hubs.

The rear shafts are 19 spline 2-pc units with drum brakes just like a 1950s-1970s early jeep rear axle.

The axles are about 53.5" wide

Spring center spacing in front is the same as an early Jeep CJ
Spring spacing on the rear axle is WIDE with the splayed frame.

The front disc brakes from the factory only use a 9" rotor, but actually work pretty well and clear many wheels.

The steering linkage is a T style system with only a single hole steering knuckle.
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