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Today is the first day of Rubberbelly Racing's 3-day Stock Mod/Legends class Tracker build at the Expert Offroad shop.

This is what we're starting with...

A stock 1996 Geo Tracker:

There's alot of guys making this happen, huge thanks to Jason Troxel, Brad Jones, Scott Angell, Jeremy Hislop, Dave Fugett, Adam Ross, and ALL the guys from Expert

Also a big thanks to all of our sponsors!
Muchado Productions
Trail Tough
KansasRocks Park
4WD Hardware
Inland Truck Parts

So far everything's been torn down... and now starting to get ready to mock up the axles. I'm going to post a bunch of pics, in order... But there's so many guys working in different areas that it's not going to look in sequence.

Need a job??

D44/ 9 inch were pre-assembled before this weekend to speed things up. Both axles have Yukon chromoly axle shafts 5.13 gears and full spool'd front and rear.

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I forgot to mention that I'm shootin some video during the buildup. We'll have a video of it all coming together that I'll post up at the end of the project. After it's all together we'll get some footage on how it works!
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