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Not sure if this hardcore or not, but I figured I'd put it here because there is a LOT of info on doing this out there. After reading what seemed like a hundred posts on Pirate alone, I decided I was well equiped to do this mod on my 04 Rubicon with 39's and no hydro assist.

What I did was remove the plunger, clean it up and remove all debree from the screen, loctite it and put it back together (there were no shims, it was loctited with a space in there where a shim could have been).

The large spring is 1.78" and I left it at that. I really didn't see anywhere where stretching it to 2" was of any help - just people doing it and having good luck with it. I understand this spring is for min pressure, like when you are just driving straight.

The fitting (the part with the o ring on it) I drilled out to .140 (9/64" - I couldn't find my 5/32 or #27 drill bit?).

Then I vampired out all of the old fluid and re filled it with fresh ATF+4 - I figured this was probably a good thing to do, since it does have ~80k miles on it with larger 35"+ tires.

Now my question is: I really didn't notice much difference where needed - slow moving, aired down, and locked. Even if I'm just sitting in the driveway with the brakes on, I can hardly turn the steering wheel. I see a lot of talk about either increasing flow or pressure to make it better. Before I go doing one or the other, I thought I'd stop in and see what y'all thought.

At this time, I do not have a cooler on it.
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