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Click Here for a calendar of Rubicon Events

Get more information about visiting the Rubicon Trail, including waypoints for OnX Off-Road app.

It's that time of year, to prepare for 2020!

If you all could follow some simple rules...it will really help me and most importantly everyone else.

    • Name of group
    • Date: Start to End (ie: 7/10-14)
    • How many rigs...(A guess or range is fine!)
    • Where/direction (ie: Loon to Springs and back or Tahoe to Loon)

There are 2 events that the trail is partially closed to the public for certain times and locations.

    • The Jeepers Jamboree is July 23-27.
    • The Jeep Jamboree is July 31 - August 2

For more information about the closure times, please download and read the official document from El Dorado County.

Click Here to read the EDC Jeepers Jamboree Resolution

For any follow up questions on the Jamboree restrictions, email info AT rubicontrailfoundation.org

This helps everyone know if they are facing 100 rigs in a group or not.

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Please note: If you plan on going to the RTF Property on father's day weekend, Trash Can Hill will be closed for about 4 hours for repairs on Saturday morning. If you've been up and down it...you know it needs it. So get in by Friday or after lunch on Saturday.
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