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TLCA held it's anual Rubithon Run this past weekend with almost 100 rigs showing up despite the lousy weather. As for the trail, it was awsome! A bit of a nasty area at the mudhole just before Walker Hill and the normal "trail hasn't been paved yet" conditions. Toughest spot this side of the Springs was Walker Hill due to the wety conditions. The ByPass area at Buck Island also has a few pucker areas due to erosion and such (mostly just past the junction of the Bypass and the other route up the shale steps). The big mudhole just before the springs is now a lake and requires that you go to the Tahoe side and come back down by the Helipad. Going out there is quite a bit of water on the trail...the first mudhole before Miller Creek is way deep on the left fork and about bumper deep on a SOA 40 with 35's if you stay right. There is a log barricade on the major mudhole and FOTR has made a bypass on higher ground (please stay on the bypass and don't try to go past the barrier and do the mudhole)......Cadillac Hill is wet, but not bad..usual tricky spots. Clear sailing to Miller Lake area where there is a mudhole that was going over the top of 35's...you can go left or right, though the left side is definately deeper. Still some drifts with steep in's and outs to some fairly deep water areas, but not bad. My guess is most of the snow will be history in the next week or so. Did see some areas near the tough spots where yahoo's are still going off and dumping "snow flowers" and such....Tread Lightly and try to educate those who still have not figured it all out......
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