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S-10 t-case swap ?'s

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ok...before you guys start yellin about doing a search, I have already been there, done that with very little luck. ok, I have a 96 ZR2 s-10 with a 4L60E and 233 t-case. are there any 4-1 kits available for this t-case and if so who makes it? I was thinkin that my t-case is the same as the 231, except that it is push button instead of lever activated...could be wrong, if so let me know! Are there any other t-cases availble that I could swap in to get that lower gear and be a bit stronger? Thanks in advance

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Get a 231 out of a 89-92-ish S-10. Bolts right up and you can use the early S-truck shifter. Not sure if the 4:1 is available for this case or not but with some machine work, a Jeep one could probably be adapted.

Did this swap with a '95, worked great and now the owner never has to worry about the "button" not working. (the Waggy dana 44 front with manual hubs helped too).
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