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in memory of Ohl Olson, Vietnam Vet, DAV, Friend, and A great asset to the OHV community.

I just received word that we lost a good man and a friend to everyone. OHL OLSON passed away last Thursday at the young age of 57.

Though I never got the chance to meet OHL personally, He welcomed me to stay with him anytime I was in his area, and to wheel with him. I feel as if I have lost a dear friend, OHL made everyone he came in contact with like him. Maybe it was his "call it like he sees it attitude", or his "pull no punches" fighting style against the greens and the government agencies locking us out of public lands....

I don't know what else to say except I hope you're wheeling in a better place right now, without all the PC BullSHit you fought so hard against while you were here with us. You will be missed....


here's a little background on OHL, thats going around a couple lists....

I recently received word that our dear old friend Ohl Olson from
Redding recently passed away. I haven't seen it mentioned on the brpc list
so I though his friends on the list would want to know. Ohl apparently
passed away late Wednesday or early Thursday. I looked up the Redding
newspaper on line and found the following in the obituary column, "OLSON -
Floyd A. Olson, 57, of Redding died Thursday at Mercy Medical Center in
Redding. Arrangements are pending at Allen & Dahl Funeral Chapel in
Redding". I will certainly miss him.


I also received the following information about Ohl from another party:

"Ohl was a Vietnam Vet who was in Special Operations during the early-mid
sixties era. If he could speak right now, he would say that his impaired
health (often painful) that lead to his early death was directly due to the
herbicide "Agent Orange" our military used prolifically in the Vietnam
conflict. Ohl often said that this chemical caused a myriad of unfortold
physical health problems that was killing him, many other Vets and that
many vets have already perished due to this chemical. The VA could never be
held accountable and would deflect any wrong doing on behalf of the
military and our Government. Ohl joined the Disabled American Vets (DAV)
and donated when he could.
Ohl lived in a rural setting on the outskirts of Redding, California. OHL
loved the outdoors and often would spend many hours and days enjoying
nature with his trusty Early Bronco 4x4. Ohl was a true environmentalist
who valued open spaces, clean air, clean water and protecting access to our
public lands that allowed sound management and the publics right to enjoy.
His achievements included volunteerism for Modoc, Shasta-Trintiy, Lassen,
Stainislaus and Siskiyou National Forests. Has has also volunteered for
numerous projects for the Bureau of Land Management. Ohl has also worked
with the Bureau of Reclamation for Shasta Trinity, California State Parks
Back Country Discovery Trail System in which he held an advisory position.
Ohl's volunteerism included working with the Department of Fish and Game.
He has taken numerous staffers of the USFS, California State Parks and the
local media on extensive field trips who have referred to his knowledge in
numerous articles.
Ohl's ancestry was half Native American and Norwegian. Ohl has contacts and
friends on several local Indian Reservations. He recently became a Site
Steward under the California Association of Site Steward Program that
protects our states historic Indian archeology sites. Ohl was and advocate
of Multiple Use and became involved in several off highway vehicle
organizations that support recreation. Whether one needed advice or help
with their vehicle or an issue involving landuse, Ohl was always there to
help. Ohl was a true warrior who was never intimidated. He participated in
the famous Shovel Brigade of Jarbidge Nevada and the Bucket Brigade of
Klamath Falls Oregon. Perhaps one of his last victories was a long and
stressful process of eradicating neighbors that were heavily involved with
illegal drugs."

Ohl used to have this as his sig line...

"Don't look back, something may be
catching up to you."

The Rock & Hard Place

If we only knew OHL, if we only knew....


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Sorry to hear about this.
Rest In Peace Ohl...

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Great guy -- ran Winch Hill 5 at Sierra Trek for many years...

He will be missed, especially his irreverent emails and persistent support of multiple-use ethics. I expect he's cussin' up a storm somewhere in heaven, telling tall tales and catching up with the good folks who passed before him. :angel:


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A little bit of Ohl's wisdom

To Be An Activist,
You Have To Act

"One other thing we need is more volunteers to be in areas where OHV's travel, that way certain people get to know an area and can notify clubs or whoever to help maintain our trails and roads, I've been doing this for many years with the BLM, FS and state parks my biggest problem is getting help to repair or maintain what we use, it seems like we all care and also talk about something needs to be done well I'm out there at least monthly not having special yearly clean ups but constantly doing my best to keep everything working as drainage wind falls and stupid abusers how about someone else doing this and discussing it you know hands on approach!"

If you can't do it as a team,
maybe it isn't even worth doing.


Anyone who has met Ohl, or read Ohl's opinions on how to actively protect OHV opportunity, could not walk away without a feeling of genuine respect. He was a character. He knew what active participation demanded and set an example of personal commitment for all enthusiasts to follow. Ohl and his example of enthusiasm (and attitude, to recruitment), will be missed. I will forever be richer for the experience.

I imagine Ohl is having a grand time: riding and wheeling, deep in animated debate (enjoying his natural element, the wild backcountry).

Godspeed Ohl, Happy Trails!
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