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Lots of talk about gun safes, but I don't see a thread dedicated to safe rooms.

We have a large slab out back, 6"x14'x24'
We are talking about do some landscaping. Want to extend it out further, put cobbles down on top of the slab and build a small flagstone wall around it. So when we are done it looks better.

Thinking why I am at it I should dig out under the slab. We are all sand here, I have dug down 3' in spots and its just sand. One of those little rental backhoes would have no problem with the digging.
Put in a couple I beams under the slab to support the weight..
Dig down 8' around the perimeter.Put in some walls, waterproof the outside.
Then dig out the cavity and pour a floor slab.
We have a finished basement, one of the rooms has a closet that is on the outside wall. So I could place the steel door inside the closet. Its dark enough that if I put some painted sheet rock on the outside of the door you wouldn't ever see it.

Because of the way the ground is sloped I could also have a small escape hatch to the outside.

Since it's not under the house, if the house ever did catch fire everything inside would be fine.
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