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Vapo-blast/Vapor-Blast/Wet-blast will make the aluminum look awesome.

If it is real bad to start with, I'll do a dry media blast, then follow it with a wet blast.
If you are a wheeler, they only look nice once so take your pictures before that first trip. Usually for someone to spend that amount of time, it is not just a part. There is usually more to it than just stock purchased.

Bet the engine is not stock either.

And we get it why others run what they brung. OK with me as long as it keeps running and not a fail of neglect.

One of the benefits of powder coating is the part will usually get blended to get all the flashing and sharp corners rounded. That makes it so much nicer to work on over the years.

Tech Tim showed me some parts off of his wet bead blaster. Awesome. I would just clear coat anything off of it!
I picked up the case halves and output housing from the shop yesterday after getting them media blasted. They look awesome!! I actually thought they had spray painted them a light gray color because of how much lighter and cleaner they looked. I'm going to paint them this weekend.

Well its hard to dick camo print powder coat. Thats more of a hydro dip situation
Maybe I'll do that right before I clear coat it so the dicks are protected
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