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For Sale:
I have been collecting parts to turbo a 1.3 or 1.6 8v samurai or sidekick. I have decided to part my project and no longer need these parts. Looking for $375 obo shipped for all of it. Paypal preferred (send as gift or pay 3% fee).

• Ebay T25 turbo with factory wastegate at 7psi
• TIG welded turbo outlet with v-band clamp and exhaust flange for welding to your downpipe
• 8 valve header flange (stainless) with exhaust manifold gasket
• T25 turbo flange with bolts (mild steel)
• Oil fittings, includes weld in oil-pan fitting (and temporary cap)
• Miscellaneous water fittings
• Miscellaneous silicon adapters/air cleaner parts
• Newer pro-dry AFE air filter

Needed to finish:
• Stainless weld-els to build the manifold
• Oil/water lines
• Intake tubes
...and likely small other stuff


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if I'm running propane on a 1.6L tracker motor Can i or would it be beneficial to run a turbo setup on my motor. Ive been doing some reading on turbos for the 1.6 but theres not alot out there that ive found from what ive read you have gathered the right parts. if you think i can use with propane and i buy your setup will you include a hand written sketch of how and where to hook things up. lol a dot to dot system for the dummy thanks for your time
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