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samurai/toyota project

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Just bought an 87 samurai and already ripped it down to the frame and body. I have an 81 toyota pickup i have ripped apart too and plan to put the toyota motor, tranny, and rears under the samurai. Also plan to 4-link both front and rear and slap some coil-overs under it. The only problem i found i might have is being the transmission is much longer on the toyota, the back drive shaft will have to be considerable cut down. I roughly measured it to be around 30 inches long. I thought about extending the frame so i could lengthen the wheel base but i'd like to keep the stock body on it. think i will run into any problems with the driveshaft being so short?? any ideas?
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If you try to keep the rear axle in the stock position not only is it gonna be short but the angles are going to be very extreme due the output on the toy being higher
what about comp cutting the rear fenders and going back with the axle
Might as well run the Toyota axles also. Your gonna want to strech the wheelbase even with the Toy axles.
yeah i plan to run the toyota axles. the only thing im keeping suzuki is the frame and body. i thought about that too being on such a sharp angle with the short driveshaft and i plan on buyin coil-overs with like 16-18'' travel. I plan on scrapping my toyota frame and body that i have left over and was thinking of just using some of that frame to extend the frame of the suzuki.
stretch it now you'll wish you did later...
get the 16" er's

i went 104"[love it]16" forward,,8" back......mtc
gonna buy coilovers soon. plan on buying 16'' travel. likely fox coils. Think 2.0's will be fine or go with the 2.5's?
stretch it the rear can go back alot. i moved mine to the end of the frame and added to it so i have a bumper. i added 25" to the wheel base. three link the front! its got the room for it. the rear i wold do a double triangle for link for sure.
for your steering i would use an IFS toy box. you got to move it forward to get every thing to clear. the front body mount will be in your way but its the only way to make it work. you can use a celica box if you can find one. the two wheel drive truck box works good to and has the same size bore as the IFS box so you got alot of choice for pitman arm. the sami frame is half inch narrower than the toy frame. you can use the OTT toy steering kits here. its tight but thread the T.R.E. in and it will work nice. the toy trans will not clear the trans tunnel in the sami. so there is some fab work there. take the toy driv shafts for sure. the sami ones are week. post up some pics when you get going.
2.o are fine and cheaper
the farther forward you go with the front axle, the more mid engine it is, allowing for much easier approaches
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