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Well, unfortunately I am looking to sell my just recently straight axled 87 toyota 4runner. Stats:
22re previous owner says it is remanufacted motor and we have reciepts for that.
W56 5 speed that shifts flawlessly
topshift transfercase
Trail gear ifs eliminator 4" kit with one leaf removed to sit at about 3"
63" Chevy leafs in the rear, no blocks
37" Mtrs with about 70+% remaining
Trail Gear Hysteer
New Clutch Master cylinder
New Brake master cylinder
Vented Rotors and Ifs Calipers
Bilstein 5125 shocks all around
unfortunately it is still 4.10s but it still drives pretty good even with the 37s as long as you dont use 5th gear
it has a square front driveline so you can go play as soon as you take it.
With Sale I will also include a spare topshift xcase for Duals, and the leaf that I removed from the trail gear leafs, as well as the stock rear leafs.
The Bad:
the motor leaks about 2 quarts per oil change and the exhaust is cut off after the cat, but it does smog good in fact it has a new Catalytic converter.
it has mudflaps screwed into the rear tailgate due to the great ol' CHP
I am selling this becuase I just cant afford to finish it the way it deserves to be finished and My father recently passed away so most of my attention has to be payed to my family so I must go back to driving my old economical volvo.
I am asking $3400,
just pm me for more info or email me at [email protected] for pictures, it is currently located in Folsom, CA

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Sorry to hear about that. My dad just passed away recently too. I'm in the middle of my build, but will keep my ears open. Hang in there, it gets easier with time, not better, just different. At least in my case.
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