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sas question about height

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ok guys i started collecting parts for a sas on my 94 standard cab and bed truck.i got one problem.it my daily driver and where i live bottom of bumper cant be more than 30 inch from ground.i figure that gives about 4 inchs i can lift it with 33s.looking for springs that will get me in the area i want.i know read the faq.i did and losa info except about height.i dont want to build the truck then end up with 3 inchs over what i wanted.also how much of a drop bracket on the ft.im going the run the shackles in the frame not under.oh one more thing dont really want to run a body lift with this.id rather chop fenders.thanks for any info.take it easy on the flaming.
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lift height

ok just to clear this up.i know several people with way over height rigs that almost never have problems.now on the other side of the spectrum ive been pulled over 6 times and measured.the only time i got to meeta cop and not measured was wen i ran up on the back of a car.cop coulda gave a shit less.most of the cops where i live are idiots they just want to right a ticket.oh yeah one more thing bout this,they measure bumper height ft and rear and headlight height.sorry bout the rant but cps around here suck.

thank you everyone that gave me info on this.btw i did search and alot of information varied from one thread to another on height.i was just trying to get some more info.thanks guys

ok thanks guys.shoulda just asked for some measurements before.:rolleyes: thanks alot ill have to check them agaist my truck and see what it ends up like.im4yotas and forestcam nice rigs thanks.
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