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sas question about height

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ok guys i started collecting parts for a sas on my 94 standard cab and bed truck.i got one problem.it my daily driver and where i live bottom of bumper cant be more than 30 inch from ground.i figure that gives about 4 inchs i can lift it with 33s.looking for springs that will get me in the area i want.i know read the faq.i did and losa info except about height.i dont want to build the truck then end up with 3 inchs over what i wanted.also how much of a drop bracket on the ft.im going the run the shackles in the frame not under.oh one more thing dont really want to run a body lift with this.id rather chop fenders.thanks for any info.take it easy on the flaming.
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3" body lift, 33x13.50 LTB's, All-Pro SAS hanger kit, rears up front w/rancho second leaf added, no overload & Chevy swap.



BTW, I have a 32" inseam.:laughing:
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