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SAS SOA headaches

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the 86 has the scabbed on xfer case on the automatic in the diesel. A one of a kind arrangement.

After many hours building an adapter plate for 1350 CV jointed front drive shaft I stole from the wagoneer, and complete rebuild with new ujoints and CV center ball shaft and studs and perfect length, the danged angle is too great for even a front CV. and that is with the D44 6" forward. in a SOA configuration. downward angle is too extreme.

So, gonna get a divorced carrier from an IH, and that automatically gives me double xfer case capability in this transmission. Will also make for longer front drive shaft, at less angle and solve my one piece rear drive shaft slip yoke limitation problem.

I ain't never gonna get this Trooper done...:confused:
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Your are right Matt, I had my head up my arse and was too enamoured with that CV driveshaft I got off the wagoneer! Rebuilt it and made an adapter plate, and it indeed was perfect lenght! worked out wonderfully... but it was the wrong solution for the problem. I can't point my front pinion at my xfercase and have any kind of reasonable caster at all. dumb... oh well...

I believe you are correct Matt, in that a regular driveshaft with complementing opposing angles would have done the job. but, that diesel xfer case is mighty weak. and I am pushing 36" tires and a dana 44 now instead of an 8 bolt.

I was wrong headed putting a cv up front when i wasn't willing to point the pinion upward.

I just won a cool IH transfer case on ebay, divorced style, completely overhauled with 3 ujoint connections. I have no idea about gear reduction in it. assuming it is 2.5 or 3.0 (i hope). This due to the design of the 86 diesel trans, will actuall result in a double gear down ability of I am hoping 5.0 or 5.5 max. also leaves the old front available for some mischief.

I'm going through a lot of learning process. I built up a nice drive shaft, that wasn't proper for what I needed.... live and learn.

My rear is real flexy and I was concerned about that lovely one piece rear shaft you sold me. This will eliminate the trans slip yoke issue there.

I can re-use that cv on the rear shaft now.

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double cardan CV

The double cardan CV is supposed to provide much greater angle ability than a single ujoint.

There is a great article on drive shafts on this board. It is listed on home page.

At least that is the way I understood it.

read this: http://www.pirate4x4.com/tech/billavista/PR-shaft/index2.html
you be right

yeah, bought before I had the details.

it is perfect in size and weight, aluminum, (most of the IH guys hate that) but for my 4 banger it looked perfect.

It has no gear reduction. Cable operated is actually a good thing for me. I could still use it and solve a couple of issues.

The NP205 is just way too big for my little 4 banger. this think with 2x gear reduction would have been killer.

oh well, they tell me the mudders and draggers love it. probably will sell it back on ebay.
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