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SAS SOA headaches

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the 86 has the scabbed on xfer case on the automatic in the diesel. A one of a kind arrangement.

After many hours building an adapter plate for 1350 CV jointed front drive shaft I stole from the wagoneer, and complete rebuild with new ujoints and CV center ball shaft and studs and perfect length, the danged angle is too great for even a front CV. and that is with the D44 6" forward. in a SOA configuration. downward angle is too extreme.

So, gonna get a divorced carrier from an IH, and that automatically gives me double xfer case capability in this transmission. Will also make for longer front drive shaft, at less angle and solve my one piece rear drive shaft slip yoke limitation problem.

I ain't never gonna get this Trooper done...:confused:
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I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but that looks like the IH single speed (no low range) tcase.
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