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SAS SOA headaches

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the 86 has the scabbed on xfer case on the automatic in the diesel. A one of a kind arrangement.

After many hours building an adapter plate for 1350 CV jointed front drive shaft I stole from the wagoneer, and complete rebuild with new ujoints and CV center ball shaft and studs and perfect length, the danged angle is too great for even a front CV. and that is with the D44 6" forward. in a SOA configuration. downward angle is too extreme.

So, gonna get a divorced carrier from an IH, and that automatically gives me double xfer case capability in this transmission. Will also make for longer front drive shaft, at less angle and solve my one piece rear drive shaft slip yoke limitation problem.

I ain't never gonna get this Trooper done...:confused:
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U-Joint ?

I am in a little over my head, so take this for what its worth (?) Doesn't a CV take up more room than a simple U-joint ? The angle is no greater, so, you lose with the CV. The shop ground my U-joint real close to too thin, adding droop, then added a stout limiting strap. Its worked very well. Limits flex on the drop passenger side, (Toy front axle) but at least I can wheel past all the broke Jeeps :D A hanked front driveshaft is the most common trail break I see.... Its not like you nedd a real smooth CV for spinning down the fwy at 65 mph with the front axle/hubs engaged. Good Luck !!!

I read a good part of the High Angle article. I'll confess, I had to put it down and grab a Corona :flipoff2: Doesn't the double cardan provide a smoother application a high angle, not necessarily a greater angle. I say this because, for a front drive shaft in a crawler, the vibe shouldn't be a s great a concern. Ergo, the single joint, will operate at a lessor angle because it is shorter. A double cardan is still just that, two U-joints. This doesnt provide a greater angle, just a smoother application at the same angle. And if the Double is longer than the single, then the angle is greater, not lessor. I dont see how the double cardan helps driveline angle.:flipoff2:

Edit: Ok, I'll read the whole thing...................

Edit Again: Ok EYE Boo boo........... We used a single u-joint on my SAS because the front shaft is too short, there is no room for a double cardan..... IIRC my droop is aprox 32 deg..... and it vibrates like helll :beer:
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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