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Save Carnegie! Buy a brick from Jeff Mello!

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Jeff Mello is not just a rock crawling legend, he is a very active land-use advocate. Carnegie OHV is under attack, so he came up with this AWESOME idea selling ORGINAL Carnegie bricks as a fundraiser for this important OHV area.

My three sons all have one of these bricks, which were made back in the day in Carnegie in their rooms. It's a cool piece of history to own.

$30 a brick.

Carnegie Riders buy a brick and support Carnegie <~ Craigslist link

"OHV users! You love to wheel or ride dirt bikes at Carnegie, but did you know it is under attack?

Did you know there is a new property that was purchased next door called the Tesla property and its suppose to open more riding area but some people don't want it to open?

Did you know this area was once a Coal Mine and a Brick Foundry that made a complete mess of the entire area, but now these people think the land could somehow be ruined forever by good clean family recreation like riding dirt bikes. Bah!

Buy an ORGINAL brick and part of your donation will go toward fighting to keep Carnegie opened and the Tesla property on track to open for OHV use.

These are hard to find true Carnegie bricks made in 1911. The Carnegie brick club kids and I worked hard to salvage these from an Oakland hills renovation and carefully hand cleaned every one of them.

Own a piece of local history. They make great gifts for all your riding or wheeling buddies, mount them in a frame, display in your shop, build them into an outdoor table or pave them into your patio for an awesome conversation piece, discounts on 10 or more.

In almost 2 years of looking we only found about 100 of these and they will be gone soon. You may never see one for sale again.

Disclaimer: We won't sell them to tree hugger, Subaru driver, commie, pinko, parade marching, granola eating, hippys, that smell bad and want to "save" everything. If you drive up to buy one in a Prius with a Sierra Club sticker, you will be escorted off the property."


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