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Savvy/Currie/SFR KOH Stock Class Jeep Teaser

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Everyone keeps bugging me about what we're doing for KOH this year, and now that the Jeep is in my shop I guess I can show you a little.

It's an LJ
It'll be on 35" tires
It'll be running a lot of products from Savvy Offroad and Currie Enterprises
It will have a lot of SFR fab work
It's gonna go fast. :flipoff2:


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Nice little pile of parts. If dad it is driving this what is Casey driving?
John Currie will be driving.

This 2006 LJ had 11,000 miles on it. We rebuilt it from a salvaged front end crash.

Just before we cut it up

John Currie built the axles and suspension for it. PSC supplied the steering.

Dallas received it like this. Raceline provided wheels.
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It is decided. Let me finalize them before we go public.
Is Gerald broke yet?
Not broke but my ass hurts from yanking my wallet out so many times!
The brake/steering master is not being part of this build? Or maybe it's just not to his station yet.
Blaine always has input. John Currie built the axles with his choice of brakes and a steering kit. I suspect he'll make this a product offering in the future. If he does well in the race, then what better marketing can you get.

A drop in ready axle set for KOH stock class. The steering and brakes done all you need to do it link them in.
As for the motor: I do suggest putting a snail on it, if you can. I don't know the rules, but maybe forced induction is not allowed.
No spinners unless they are stock.
Remind me to seal the gauges up with silicon before we mount them up. I also have the oil temp gauge on my desk.

SEMA tomorrow!
One is for chase truck for KOH and other events. The 5m can also be mounted driver side.

75 miles I heard.
One thing I've found in the past is that doing a lot of testing on a race car is a good thing, but prerunning the course in it the day before the race can lead to a broken car on race day. I'm hoping to do a lot of course mapping using the little GPS in the StinkBug and keeping the racer fresh.

We're gonna need it to be as fresh as possible if we plan to win the stock race, then race the big one a few days later. :flipoff2:
You do have more than a few buggies at your disposal for prerunning!

Man, that is one ugly tranny pan!
Do the stock rear inner fenders fit with the shocks/mounts like that?
Yep, none of the tub has been touched. That is the beauty of the LJ it has room back there. The tub and inner fenders in the rear are one and the same. Besides that is all cage support.


Thanks for hooking us up with Mastercraft! Now can you go over there and pickup our seats! :grinpimp:



Luckily for this team, Dallas and the rest of his crew draw with:

Only option for an auto is 42RLE.
Wow, that's not much of a choice. Any build plans for the 42RLE? I think I saw an Atlas behind it, correct?

Any reason you all aren't running the Savvy Under Armor?
The 42rle has been completely gone thru but there is not much after market support for it. Any plastic parts have been repalced. It is a electronically controlled OD so we are using the OEM computer to control it.

The torque converter is were we spent money to make it last. All of the plastic has been removed and the fins brazed so they don't detonate at speed. Then balanced and tested.

Atlas 3.0 behind the tranny.
Gerald, the lack of aftermarket support is surprising. I've got the same tranny in my LJ, and when AA came out with the Rubicrawler, I thought that would prompt other companies to come out with some additional pieces, but there hasn't been much. I think there is a guy on JF who has had excellent success with some different valve bodies. I haven't paid much attention as I plan to put an LS motor and GM tranny in my LJ when the driveline grenades.
LS motor in the LJ is what is in my future as well! :D
Logically it totally makes sense but when you look at it you think "shouldn't/wouldn't that look better straight down?"

I think I would have brought is straight down and angle the lower bar. No big deal either way.
:p Glad you are going to change it! It'll make the window nets easier to fit as well.

I'm in agreement. I just hung a plumb bob on the roof and I'd only have to move the tube about 2" to get it vertical. I wish I hadn't welded the tube as much as I already have, but it's coming out anyways. Last night I looked at it and didn't really like it a lot. I hoped it would grow on me, it hasn't.
All Fixed. Also got a shot of how the seat fits with the B-pillar. As you can see there is plenty of space. A couple of the desert race orgs require you to have 2 double-d adjusters on your shoulder belts. I dont know if we'll be racing with any of them, but if we decide to we shouldn't have any problems.

Also in case anyone hasn't seen them and was wondering about the ratcheting belts I mentioned here's a closeup of the business end. Instead of pulling on the ends of straps at awkward angles you just ratchet yourself in place. :smokin:
Can you push the top back just a little?
Just took another look at that pic I just posted. Now there is a camera angle thing happening. In that pic it still looks like it's angled, but it's not. Heres a better angle.
Cool! Much better!
Who makes that cell? Specs?

Looking good!
Wayne (ZUKIZZY) made the cell up. Dual in tank fuel pumps. The center pickup on one pump and wahlbros on the other. The 22 gallon RCI was the one that fit the best. We wanted low and back as far as possible.

Wayne really makes a nice product and we are confident we won't be having fuel issue.

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