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Savvy/Currie/SFR KOH Stock Class Jeep Teaser

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Everyone keeps bugging me about what we're doing for KOH this year, and now that the Jeep is in my shop I guess I can show you a little.

It's an LJ
It'll be on 35" tires
It'll be running a lot of products from Savvy Offroad and Currie Enterprises
It will have a lot of SFR fab work
It's gonna go fast. :flipoff2:


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Oh how I love the feeling of red hot metal goobers raining down on me as I weld the inside of a cage, especially when I'm in an awkward position and cant move enough to shake out the one that lands on the inside of my thigh and sticks. :laughing::mad3:
Better than down the ear, that'll send you into convulsions! :flipoff2:
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