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Savvy/Currie/SFR KOH Stock Class Jeep Teaser

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Everyone keeps bugging me about what we're doing for KOH this year, and now that the Jeep is in my shop I guess I can show you a little.

It's an LJ
It'll be on 35" tires
It'll be running a lot of products from Savvy Offroad and Currie Enterprises
It will have a lot of SFR fab work
It's gonna go fast. :flipoff2:


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Not familiar with the rules of the class so this might be a dumb question. :homer:

Stroker 4.x engine perhaps ?

I want a set of those engine mounts for my stroker. :smokin:
http://www.stinkyfab.com/jeep-motor-mounts.html :D

FYI, If you haven't built your engine yet, and you're going to be buying a stroker I'd recommend building one with the late model (00 and up) block regardless of what it's going in. They changed around the location of a lot of the extra threaded bosses on the block, and IMHO made it a lot stronger when used with this type of mount. The stock engine mounts still suck, but the new "extra" mounting locations are in much better locations for taking the lever action out of the mounts.
Bookmarked the original post. Will contact you folks.
thanks for the call today and taking the time to explain some of the features of the new engine mounts. You guys have a winner here.

Incoming order !!
It's either that or the POS six speed manual and that ain't gonna work, so, it's the 42RLE.
No AW4 ?
That didn't come in TJs.
OK, not up to speed with the rule book.

But the AW4 should have came in TJ`s
Should have as in they should have offered it, or should have as in I think they did but I'm not sure?

It was never an option likely due to it's slightly longer length which would make the rear driveshaft very short in the stock configuration.

But, yes, I agree that it should have been adapted into the TJ from Day 1 and they should have made a shorter tailshaft adapter to shorten it up enough to work.
As in it should have been a factory OEM offering instead of an 42. Even if it was limited to the LJ.

In fact I recall one SOB who made that swap with his wife's TJ. :flipoff2:
The torque converter is were we spent money to make it last. All of the plastic has been removed and the fins brazed so they don't detonate at speed. Then balanced and tested.
Gerald, coming from the OEM transmission industry. The TQ convertor work was money well spent. All to often folks "beef" the transmission internals and then cheap out on properly preparing a convertor for abuse.

By chance did you get to raise the stall speed any ?

Incoming call to Blaine on the TCM.
Oh how I love the feeling of red hot metal goobers raining down on me as I weld the inside of a cage, especially when I'm in an awkward position and cant move enough to shake out the one that lands on the inside of my thigh and sticks. :laughing::mad3:
Maybe have Amber rub it out for you ? :smokin::laughing:
No update since Tuesday :confused:

Wheres the pics of Amber, Dallas ? :flipoff2:

Fixed it :laughing: :flipoff2:
Had a really nice day at Johnson Valley today. We did Chocolate Thunder, Claw Hammer, optional left trail at the split (don't know the name), Aftershock, Outer Limits, Spooner Canyon, Back Door, Resolution, Trap Door. A couple I could not remember as well.

John is ready to rock! Back Door in two!


Good video Gerald. That the latest buggy ?

Hey, saw you on TV today also. Catching up on my DVR recordings. You sure are ugly fawker :flipoff2:

How did the Detroit up front and ARB in the back work out ?
It's alive! The Hesco 4.7 stroker really sounds good! One little problem. Snapped a nipple off the steering box but i had a spare that will be installed on Monday.
What cam did Bennie spec out for you Gerald ?

Geez, Gerald. Dallas gives you his piece of art and in just a couple days you break it already...................

Me? :eek: That would suck for everyone. Nope, I have a special job to do, fortunately.
:p :angel:

Hopefully whatever caused the computer go bad doesn't happen again on Sunday! I'll pictures tomorrow!
The PCM is sensitive to grounds. Make sure the engine harness and block to frame are well connected. Also with number six spewing that you don`t have a bad injector reference signal wire/splice.

But you guys probably already know this stuff.
I know a few things but that is definitely not one of them. John called in a favor and was able to get some one out that really knows his stuff and he called it.

:smokin: `oh and :flipoff2:
Mod with 35 Falken`s. #2 starting position
If I am reading things correctly, John and Gerald finished first. Unofficial results that is.

Next is the LCQ later in the week.
If I am reading things correctly, John and Gerald finished first. Unofficial results that is.

Next is the LCQ later in the week.
Found it on the Ultra4 site. Darn it if I can find it again and link it.
SFR sticker looks like an afterthought.

Be nice Frank.........
According to Off road press release ..currie Wins stock class and overall and Mcrae wins mod class and second overall:rolleyes:
Strange as they (Ultra4) had them (4688) listed in the mod class.

I`d call Blaine but he is probably kinda busy right now.
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