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Savvy/Currie/SFR KOH Stock Class Jeep Teaser

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Everyone keeps bugging me about what we're doing for KOH this year, and now that the Jeep is in my shop I guess I can show you a little.

It's an LJ
It'll be on 35" tires
It'll be running a lot of products from Savvy Offroad and Currie Enterprises
It will have a lot of SFR fab work
It's gonna go fast. :flipoff2:


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fixed :flipoff2:

One of these days I would love to stop by and drool/check out your shop.
You're just hoping Amber will be there to drool over. :flipoff2:
She lives about 65' away from the shop, so it's a pretty reasonable bet. :flipoff2:
Hmmm... might have to come for a visit! :flipoff2:
Better than down the ear, that'll send you into convulsions! :flipoff2:
Ear plugs are wonderful... just sayin.

Dallas, lookin badass!
Yep, they will be a big rectangle now. I think the way the rules are written we will need little triangular nets for the area forward of that tube though. Not sure if Ultra4 rules allow it, but I noticed BJ Baldwin actually has little lexan windows there on his TT. That would be cool.
How about the greatest steel product EVER made, EXPANDED METAL!!!! :flipoff2:
I'll take that gauge pod off your hands! Whattaya need for it?
1 - 5 of 1012 Posts
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