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None of the 4 are pretty but they all work great...

2.5 SAW 14in... ones still installed but once I get some more nitrogen I can finish my ORI install and it'll be out... hope this week... bolts not included but spacers are...

2.0 SAW 16in... These are still installed and i will not sell till AFTER I sell the 2.5's and buy 18in 2.0's... however I'm listing because I will trade all 4 for a nice/new set of 18in 2.0's any brand... once I get the 18s I'll swap and mail mine out... I got a couple rides coming up and don't want to be down waiting for shocks to come in the mail...

Griffin GA for free local pick up...

$250 shipped on the 2.5s
$500 for all 4 shipped...


1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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