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Sawzall on Sawzall action HGC Style

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I guess its that time of the year were you try to find something to do over the winter. I have been playing with the idea of making the sawzall into more of a buggy ditching the leafs in the front and going with a 3 link and cutting the cab out of the truck. I guess if you have a few beers with some buddies and you are in your new shop and there is a sawzall around this is what happens.

The plan is to cut out all of the cab. Build a firewall. Added some more tubing to the exo, now buggy frame. The great thing about when we built the exo we keep everything close to the cab. I always said if I cut the cab out of the sawzall it will still look like a Toyota. Well I guess it was time to find out right...lol. After I get all of the tube work done I am going to ditch the leafs and build a 3link panhard with fox shocks in the front.

link to the first build

a before pic

after 6 months of hard work

and know

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gona be cool.......

Are you still using the stock hood hindge and latch?
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