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Sawzall on Sawzall action HGC Style

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I guess its that time of the year were you try to find something to do over the winter. I have been playing with the idea of making the sawzall into more of a buggy ditching the leafs in the front and going with a 3 link and cutting the cab out of the truck. I guess if you have a few beers with some buddies and you are in your new shop and there is a sawzall around this is what happens.

The plan is to cut out all of the cab. Build a firewall. Added some more tubing to the exo, now buggy frame. The great thing about when we built the exo we keep everything close to the cab. I always said if I cut the cab out of the sawzall it will still look like a Toyota. Well I guess it was time to find out right...lol. After I get all of the tube work done I am going to ditch the leafs and build a 3link panhard with fox shocks in the front.

link to the first build

a before pic

after 6 months of hard work

and know

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You know, it's superficial, but you gotta keep the cruiser grille!
HomeGrown said:
Thanks to the power of the pirate and everyone's build up threads, this allows my brain to go in many directions with ideas. :beer:
Amen to that! :beer:

Been busting my butt and trying to get my SAS done (started 12/16) for a trail ride tomorrow. Never could have done it without Pirate. But when I'm done, I'm going skiing!
TBItoy said:
I can see my rig turning into this... oh well exo for now. Great build Sawzall is awesome! I want to put a LC grille on my truck, but I may cut one out of aluminum since they are very scarce 'round here.
I thought about a double layer of 1/4" steel, and then using it as part of the exo/bumper.
Still looks like a Toyota. Sick work, TJ. Looking forward to what's next!
mcmaster.com for that sort of molding. Also lots of miscellaneous fittings for things like OBA with stock compressors. I made a waterproof digital camcorder housing with mail-order McMaster-Carr parts.
The F-Toys are cool and all...but I'd rather see a class of 'Sawzall-class' chassis! ;)
Ha! A smoker window tube! You really went to great lengths to keep this Toy-looking. Not that my vote counts, but I'm still all for a Sawzall-style F-Toy class rig!!

I also dig the air box location....any complaints about the previous PVC tube? I want to relocate from the stock airbox location to make room for a 2nd battery....that's also a good spot to relocate with a dovetailed front, eh?
HomeGrown said:
the truck ran off of 4 wires. he did all of the work in about 4 hours. i guess thats why we call him the toyota ninja. her is a pic of the engine with the all the wires that it needs to run. still have to cut a few and shorten.
I love the Harley pipes, but 4 wires on a 22RE is damn impressive! :beer: Tell Joey to post a schematic and I'll buy him a bottle of whiskey for your next run!
that's some incredibly clean shiat, TJ! Still my favorite Toy build.

Have a great time in Moab
This was one of my favorite builds, good luck with the sale.
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