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cajackson said:
could someone please tell me what changes need to made to put in a chevy 350 in a 78 scout. it now has a 345 with auto tranny. do i need to change tranny,motor mount stands, etc? would it be worth doing?
I swapped in a 350 Chev, SM-465 and a NP-205 case into my 75 Scout. Was it worth it? HELL YES it's the only way to go IMO. The same could be done with a SBC, TH-350\NP205 combo if you want an auto with NO ADAPTERS and the strongest T case you will ever find.
The SBC is also no sweat for EFI, just about any performance part you can think of and other cool mods. And in light of the fact that you are going to a physically smaller engine than your 345, there is plenty of room to work under the hood and cooling problems are non existant.
I say go for it.
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