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*These are my junkyard prices on items, they may/may not be different depending on your location.

Junkyard TBI 350 = $300-500
Junkyard SM465 = $100-200
Junkyard Dana 300 = $100-200
SM465 to Dana 300 Adapter = $300

You can do the meat of the swap for under 1k, a radiator and fan will set u back a bit too.

If you go with a 360 the T-18 will cost you more and the adapters to the Dana 300 will cost alot more then the above setup if you want to run decent gearing. If you are going manual then theres no reason not to get one of the 3 major 4-speed granny trannys. 360s are nice but the 350 is still the cheapest and most capable setup for your money.
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