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SC/GA: 39.5x18x15 Boggers, 15x10 8 lug Steel Beadlocks

Probably 80% tread remaining 39.5x18 Boggers on 15x10 Eaton beadlocks. Bit of rash, few plugs, nothing serious.

My project they're going on to won't be done for at least another year or two and these need to get back out on the trail and not sit in my back yard.

Some of the powdercoat on the beadlocks is peeling. Could use a quick sanding and respray.

Currently located in SC but could have them in ATL, GA by the 27th of April.

in action on the donor blazer they came from:

$1200 OBO.

pm me or email at [email protected]


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i have some 46's im located in Columbia and will meet. but you said there 16.5 wide with a 15x10 wheel, i looked them up and there 39.5 for 15" rims are 18" wide so im messaging hoping you made a mistake and wheels are 16.5" in diameter because i cant use any rim under 16" please get back to me im very interested.
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