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Scores/results for Baja Rocks

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They ain't accurate, and I know some of these people don't deserve the placings they are getting, but here are the unofficial official scores for Baja Rocks 2003:

1 Tracy Jordan -79
2 Jason Paule -22
3 Randy Ellis 59
4 Neil Lillard 72
5 Mike Palmer 73
6 Al Berikoff 87
7 Brian Hamilton 90
8 John Gilleland 92
9 Adam Lunn 92
10 Jason Bunch 100
11 Clark Copsey 101
12 Daren Runion 105
13 Dustin Webster 108
14 Eric Bills 151
15 Simon Tamayo 160
16 Elizabeth Wayas 199
17 RJ Brown 365
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Sounds like there was another case of judging mistakes. What's the story man?
These scores at best are a guestimate.The judjing was a joke.I watched guys back up multiple times while the judge just wathed in amazement and no score for a reverse.(can't blame them they had never seen anything like this before)They did not understand how to score.They did not understand how to count stops.And Baja Rocks decided to go over the score cards and "fix"them and if they had a question they asked the competitor to help "fix"their own card.But if their was no question they just used the "fixed" scorecard.I know after they"fixed"my score card they were still at least 40 points off on it.I brought this and other problems with my card to their attention it cost me 4th or 5th place.I guess I should have played by Baja Rocks rules and kept my mouth shut(But that would not be fair).I tried to get Dan to address the problems with the competitors after the first day of competition and he told me he would but it never happened.I can't beleive with this much money at stake he did'nt even get with us to figure out how to fix this after the first day of competition.Now don't get me wrong I am very impressed at what Dan did with this competition it was a great feat to get something like this going in Mexico.I just wish he would have tried to remedy the situation after the first day.All in all I had a great time in Mexico the people were great the comp sight was awesome as was the course.The drive down was one of the funnest things I've ever done.
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I missed something. Lance I guess you were with RJ.
Why the last place finish?
The reason Dan asked each competitor about his score card was he thought w/ the group he had he could trust each guy to be honest. I know some guys where very honest and it cost them some positions. No one will ever know who had what place except for 1st and 2nd. But it was a great time. Lance and I broke on the second obstacle. There was a weld missed on my axle when they put the dana 70 ends on. So this made my wheel almost fall off. The only thing that kept it on was my caliper. It ruined my locker but they are going to make everything good, so I'll be in St George next month.
How could anyone end up with MINUS 79 points??? Don't mean to take anything away from Tracy's driving but 'MINUS 79'???:eek: I didn't think that was even possible. Did he ace all the 'Bonus' gates or something??? :confused: :confused:
pic of Gilleland roll

Herrrre's Johnny!


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And finally...all of this was too bad as he was completely done when it happened...his front end just slid off as he backed down...


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How did Al B. beat Brian, Adam, and Johhny G?? when Adam and I added our score card we were pretty sure we were ahead of him, oh well not like we would have won any money any way. :confused:
We had 14 points due us that we didn't argue...once we saw we were not in the top 5, we decided we didn't need the hassle and told em not to worry...put us where you want in the placings but in the end, we'll never really know.
Also, I heard there was an error with John's score and when they asked him, he couldof kept his mouth shut and won some $...he owned up to the error...dunno if that's accurate but if it is he was a straight up guy and showed he's a great driver and a great sportsman.
Hey Dustin hows the truck coming along, are you going to have another body for calrocks?

On having a -79 or what ever it was, We got lucky and put two good driving days together. The other reason being every set of gates you pass you get a 1pt bonus plus there were a couple of 10pt bonus gates that were tricky to try.

THAT WAS THE SCARIEST TRIP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hows the truck coming????We just got home!
Took four days on that kickass beach between LaPaz and Muleje...the one with the grass huts. It was SWEEEET!
No, no new body...that's the last one I have and I won't buy another until I hear from a sponsor I'm currently chasing. Might not be a Chevy Truck any more...keepin my fingers crossed.
Still haven't figured why the tranny broke. It happened the same way just one week before. I might have a cracked chassis and am getting more flex than the tranny can handle...I'll try to run that down this week while putting in another tranny. Bent a rear shock on that roll...gonna have to get that re-built as well as fixing a crack in the front shock tower. Man, I got sent through the ringer this last week!
Was that course tough or am I just that new to this sport???
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