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SnowScoutII said:
The first time I took my truck off road I blew up the Dana 30 with 31 inch tires, I wasnt gunning it or even at a up hill slope, I swapped out the 30 for a 44, The disks are great and I can now run 33's without ever have to worry about breaking them, .................although with my luck my truck is probably on fire as I write this :D
Surely you jest.

I fragged two or three locking hubs, one Lockright, two axle shafts, broke the rear perches off the housing.. all with little 33s and a stock 304.

Now I run a built 345, wide box, and 36s on the same axles.. and amazingly, the carnage hasn't stopped. :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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