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Here's my response to the BRC:

Mr. Clark,

I wanted to forward this this information to someone at BRC, and since you are involved motorcyclist, all the better.

Second Nature Software, http://www.secondnaturecd.com , sells some very beautiful screen savers and background images. The primary focus of their images is nature, but there are recreational photos as well.

They also donate 100% of their profits to The Nature Conservancy.

If you look on their site under Sports, you'll find a collection of images titled: Moto-cross with Travis Pastrana. I'm don't follow motocross, but have heard of Mr. Pastrana. And I'd bet that he would not condone the use of his image and name if he knew where the funds were going.

Is there any chance of reaching Mr. Pastrana and asking him to pull their rights to use his name and image? He will probably loose some income, but I'm sure the loss of our lands is much greater.

And I'll be joining BRC shortly.

Keep up the good work.

Maurice Cox
Cleveland, Ohio

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<font color="yellow">RIGHT ON MO!!!
Way to take the Inititive!!
If anyone has any contact info for Travis Pastrana, Let us know!!

</font c>

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And get this quote from Second Nature Software:

"Second Nature Software is the producer of these screen saver collections and a proud supporter of The Nature Conservancy. To date Second Nature has contributed more than $2.2 million dollars to the Conservancy."

Can you say "DEEP POCKETS". This makes me sick.... <IMG SRC="smilies/pissed.gif" border="0">

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