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sf 14blt

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Is anybody running a semi-floating bolt with a locker? I have an 81 k10 with a 4in rancho lift and I want to put in a rear locker but I dont think the 10blt can handle it. Being that this is the nicest truck I have ever ownd it will only be seeing mild trail use and I want to keep my 6 lug wheels.
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Iv never ran one with a locker, but my 84 has one that is welded. Have had a few other freinds that welded them as well and they hold up alright.

Havent broken one yet with 38's and occasional street use but im sure it will grenade soon.
Put a good eaton posi in it so you can drive it on the street easily and yet still do some mild off roading..
i've run a sf 14 bolt in the rear of my blazer for over a year with 36's and an easy locker. no problems. and i don't go easy on it.
i just picked up a 94 k2500 w/ a 14b sf rear w/ 4.88s and a detroit, and running 37s and i just blew the oil seal on the driver side just toying around, so I don't know whats up with that, but now its going to be a pain to re-do everything, also including the brakes. but i guess i get to learn something new considering i've only dealt w/ toyotas and never had a rear axle seal go out on me and i ran 37s on my yota axles, wtf??!! Im not quite too sure about this axle yet, hopefully others have had this problem.
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