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Long shackles are the stupidest thing you can do if you actually use your jeep off-road. Not only do they put tons of stress on the bushings & mounts... they mess up your caster, and get whacked on every single obstacle offroad. This in turn bends your front springs.

What you need is a decent set of boomerang shackles to run on both ends. Run the fronts backwards so they can't invert if you whack them on a rock. The M.O.R.E. 9051HD's are nice for this, I've used them many times.

Also, ditch the body lift idea and trim your fenders. If that dosen't do it... bumpstop the thing, or go to a smaller tire. If you absolutely feel you need a body lift - keep it to 1" or less. Use something that won't collapse under load -like solid aluminum or steel (or hockey pucks... they actually work well), and decent grade 8 bolts & nylocks. Avoid that hollow plastic garbage the body lift companies sell at all costs.
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