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Sharp VL-H400U Camcorder Hi8

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Model # VL-H400U. Unit is working, as I was recording and playing back with it last night. The only thing is that I believe the batteries to be bad, I was using it pluged into the wall. I havnt looked for a battery but Im sure they are around. Camcorder is a few years old, but uses current tapes. I would keep but I need the money and have a newer sony model camcorder. This would be good for a low budget camcorder or as a second backup. Email me with any questions you may have. Comes with the camcorder, charger, adapter to run camera off of the charger, 2 batteries, a remote, and the manual. All parts are sold as is.

Email for pics.
Asking $150
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Yeah I can't find crap for pictures or specifications. Does it have analog inputs?

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