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Saw this on another board...

The following is a composite of the latest information from the recovery area that applies to amateur radio volunteers. The situation is very dynamic at this time and communicator needs are changing daily. If you volunteer to help and provide the requested information I will place you on the update email list to keep you abreast of changes in needs or requirements. de AA5QX

FROM DEEP EAST TEXAS RECOVERY OPERATIONS CENTER: Just make sure the operators know NOT to come unless called. We will assume that if they were listed as available, they will be on those dates. They will be utilized somewhere in Deep East Texas, just not sure where (or how). If any have special needs (i.e.. cannot "ground pound") make sure and include that. You might also include operating capability (i.e. ht only, mobile, etc.). FYI - Have had no need for HF that I am aware.

Any with 12 channel parallel GPS capability please bring those. It has been helpful on the teams. Some teams are comprised of FBI and/or FEMA, other law enforcement, Haz Mat, some N.E.S.T., Ham, photographer, grunts. In many cases, since hams also had GPS, they not only functioned as the communicator but also GPS person.

A new protocol will be put into effect at 9:00 AM tomorrow, Tuesday, February 4. As a result of this, we are asking all Amateur Radio operators willing to help in the Columbia Shuttle recovery effort to bring a vehicle (4X4 especially welcomed), mobile 2M FM, GPS that is a minimum of 12 channel capable, digital camera, paper and writing instruments (pens preferred), letter sized clip board and a cell phone. Additional equipment that would be helpful but not required would be a lap top computer with StreetMapUSA or something similar loaded, 70cM FM mobile, and binoculars. If possible, everyone should be self-contained, with a bed roll and all personal items they may require. Arrangements have been made to house people at the Expo Center in Nacogdoches, which means a cot in a common room. Food is also available for all workers involved in this project.

Please keep track of your time and mileage each day. This should either be passed to the net control station, or via e-mail to [email protected] . This information will be submitted to the State, but we make no guarantee that there will be any reimbursements.

We would like to know in advance if possible when you expect to arrive in Nacogdoches, and how long you expect to be able to stay. We would also like to know your cell phone number.

Thanks very much, and we look forward to seeing you here.

NOTE: Might also warn them NOT to bring personal cameras on-site (check with team leader first). In the S.A. area, personal cameras have not been authorized - cameras are issued to the teams then returned on check-in. On the first day, some personal cameras were confiscated by FBI - not sure about today.
========================================================= VOLUNTEERS: I am assisting the recovery efforts by taking volunteer information, assisting with the coordination of scheduling and logistics and providing update information to those volunteers via email. Please send me an email if you want to volunteer and include the following information and we will contact you when you are schedule into the area. An additional email with frequencies and other operational information will be sent at that time.

12 CH GPS: Y/N

Thank you for being part of the solution!

Jim Lawyer
[email protected]

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Wish I was in that part of the country, I would be all over this.
Sounds "interesting" (I really don't want to say "fun" do to the circumstances)
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