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I have a couple of sidekick drop outs with arb's and 4.56 equiv gears. Trail tough stuff from the purple and yellow sami.

$1000 (yes that's two arbs, two sets of gears, all set up.... bearings...yokes.... 3rds for only $1000)


I will throw in the rest of the axle parts I have. The dana 44 inner knuckle snapped off the custom front (was a rear) sidekick housing. I stole the outer knuckles on the new axles I put in the sami these came from. Has sami knuckle out outers with it, complete... custom chromo shafts, machined adapters for all the nonsense they did to make it work. Pretty crazy amount of work here I'm basically giving away.

Then the rear is pretty cool.... sidekick housing has custom shafts with disks. I stole the calipers and mounting brackets/retainers.

In one piece these axles bolt in sprung over on a sami with pinions turned up, killer caster, etc. Wouldn't take much to get these axles back together and worth a ton or dialed in on your rig. I got some mild interest in the zuki forum but nothing concrete. Give me 1000... come see them... don't ask me to ship or for pictures of scattered piles of parts and we're good :) Other wise after KOH I'll put them back together myself and sell them for 2500. ;)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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