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How many goodies can I pull off of a sidekick for my sami. I am looking at gears power steering and possibly the motor. I might be able to buy one at a pretty cheap price. and I don't have time to do a search, gotta be at work soon and I have to go look at this thing today.
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What shape is your Sammi in? what shape is the 'kick in comparison? Maybe you'd be better of SAS'ing the 'kick?

Not a lot swaps straight in from the kick but u could use the engine (simple swap). Is it EFI? what's the skinny?
fatkid said:
the options are endless. How deep are your pockets?:)

FATTY you are ALIVE:flipoff2:
Yes I am alive, My PC has been down and I been doing some other things lately. I'm back...:)
My sami is in pretty good shape. It has a spring over with 31 10.50 tsl's and a detroit in the rear. The sidekick is in pretty good shape to, but for what I can buy it for I have seen just the gears go for more on ebay
Do an IFS swap.
That would be cool and no-one here has done one before.

The motor, ps, and gears are the main swap items.

Don't have time to search,wtf

Do a search newbie. The answers are here.

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