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Sierra National Monument

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I searched and did not find any direct threads about this.

Sierra Club and several other smaller "eco" groups are pushing to have an initial 500,000 acres surrounding Yosemite designated as a National Monument. Furthermore they want to ultimately have the entire Sierra National Forest redesignated as the Sierra National Monument...

Sierra National Monument Project (TCI Project Page)

What does this name change mean to us?

Basically it boils down to:

1. No more off roading ( no jeeps, no atv's, no dirt bikes, no side by sides, nothing)
2. No fishing in many or most lakes
3. no hiking off established trails
4. No camping other than in designated campgrounds
5. Permits required for many activities
6. No more shooting in the forest
7. No more mining (to inlcude gold panning in creeks)
8. No timber logging (which will lead to WORSE forest management than we already have)
9. No hunting.... period
10. No high country grazing of animals

This is just the bare tip of the iceberg

To further understand National Monuments, their originations and limitations, take a look at these two web pages"


Antiquities Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I know for many of you the Sierra National Forest is just another forest that is halfway around the world, but to many of us, this is our backyard. If we dont fight here and now, we will lose what is so important to many of us.

On April 12th the Sierra Club in partnership with wilderness outfitter REI is hosting a meeting at the REI store in Fresno at 2:00 p.m. There is a planned peaceful protest scheduled at this same time to make sure our voice is heard.
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How did the meeting go?
About 150-200 people showed up. Local TV and radio both interviewed people fairly. REI actually canceled the meeting we were protesting saying they were worried about the safety of the lady who is the leader of the movement. She also changed a lot of stuff on the Facebook page to say she doesn't want any activities excluded but she's been called out as a liar.
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Frack off and die, please take a note from some other friends who live in wilderness, consider strapping a bomb to yourself before you walk in to your 'office' and take out a few coworkers on the way.
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This sounds like the same group (Wilderness Project) that tried to shut down some areas in NV. REI was the peddler but the roots came from a group sponsored by Patagonia. They are very sneaky about their intentions but it's pretty simple. They want a roadless back country. Patagonia pays the salaries of this group and their only mission is to get areas labelled as wilderness. Everybody who enjoys the back country of this country absolutely needs to boycott Patagonia and REI. I know they make good stuff but there are other companies who make good stuff that don't try and lock us out.
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