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if your wondering it's a tom woods shaft, with a tom woods superflex universal 1350 u-joint, connecting the TC to the drive shaft and then a regular greasable u-joint to a high pinion 60. The jeep has R.E. 5.5 coils up in front.
Are you talking the TW offset U-joint?
If so, it states clearly on the web page that it may cause vibrations.

X2 on logging hubs if thats the case.

just curious why not run a double cardin in the front and be done with it??

remember.... a TJ came with a DC front drive shaft from the factory....
Don't forget that a double cardin joint is only required if the TC output & pumpkin output are not in alignment (IE, not just the up & down or "Y" axis, but left to right or "X" axis).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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