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Sitting On All Fours(!)

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Finally got the front coilovers mounted on Friday. It is a little tall in front, but I have the adjusters threaded down so the coils won't unseat at full droop. I have 6" tender coils and sliders coming so I will be able to drop the front down 3" - 4" to make it sit level.

I still have to fab the cross-bar between the hoops and mount the rad resevoir, the steering fluid resevoir, and a few other bits under the hood that had to be moved to make room for the hoops.

Plus, I'll have to make some cuts in the hood for the hoops to poke through. But hey, everytime I remove sheet-metal, it gets a little lighter!:grinpimp:

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Are those 14" or 16" co's and what springrates you running?
Rears are 14" travel with 16" 250# & 14" 175#. Fronts are 16" travel with 16" 300# & 14" 200# w/ triple-rates coming so I can raise the adjusters to drop the front. I have some additional rates and lengths at home so I can play with them if the ride is not correct, but so far everything seems like it is OK.

What rates and travel are you running?
rear are 14" 225/250 with a 35lbs 3" round (soon to be flat) tender...2.5" FOA

Front is 14" 250/300, no tender...2.0" Bling's
FYI...I figured out how to provide a VSS signal for the ecu's so the transmission shifts properly without input from the SLABS. This eliminates the need for wheel speed sensors and bypasses the ABS system. I used a GPS speedo module from Intellitronix
It supplies the ECU the proper pulse per mile signal (8000 pmm) that the ECU is looking for input as road speed. Use the Pink/Green (K/G) wire on connector C0504 pin 3 (It's the black connector on the slabs unit). Cut the wire, splice a connector on and feed the output of the speedo to the this wire, (Don't feed back to the connector) This will feed the rest of the systems looking for a VSS feed (Road speed) signal.

Works great, I have a accurate speedo and the transmission shifts properly...
Like shit...

I had incorrect wheel speed going to it, it was off by 20mph. The reluctor on the toy axle is 48 tooth and the land rover ones are 60. I had input to the slabs, but it was really fucked up. I tried a couple of macgiver solutions, but nothing worked. The trans shifted, but was rough. It didn't go into limp mode until the toy wheel sensors died and when they were working, it would throw rough road codes because it wasn't getting input on all the sensor inputs. This really fixed all the problems by eliminating the slabs unit, it now shifts like it should and is within 2mph of the lowrance gps I run.
yep...call me tomorrow and i can give you more detail...
1 - 7 of 72 Posts
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