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Slides, debris block public lands

Herald Staff Report

Avalanches and debris block many roads and trails on San Juan Public Lands. Trail blockages are greatest on roads and trails above 11,000 feet as well as north-facing and heavily timbered trails in lower elevations.

"We had a very hard winter with a lot of snow, and it hasn't all melted," said Ann Bond, spokeswoman for San Juan Public Lands Center.

Some paths will clear when snow melts, others will require work from forest crews, Bond said.

Road conditions in the San Juans surrounding Durango and Silverton include:

• Hermosa Park Road: Blocked below the Graysill Mine.

• Bolam Pass and Scotch Creek: Blocked by snow.

• Mitchell Lakes Road: Blocked one mile in.

• La Plata Canyon Road: Blocked after the turnoff to Columbus Basin. Many side roads are blocked by slides, and Kennebec Pass is unreachable by vehicle.

• Missionary Ridge Road: Clear until Henderson Lake.

• Lime Creek Road is clear.

• The Alpine Loop from Mineral Point to Ouray may have snow. Placer and Picayune gulch roads are passable.

• Ophir Pass is clear.

• Stony Pass: Clear over the top. Pole Creek is not passable.

• Cunningham Gulch Road is open to the Highland Mary Lake Trailhead.

Trail conditions in the San Juans surrounding Durango and Silverton include:

• Vallecito Trail: An avalanche has taken out the third bridge 6.5 miles up from the trailhead. Another four miles up the trail from this avalanche is another large avalanche. There are no plans at this time to clear these avalanches, and the bridge will not be replaced this year.

• Pine River Trail: Two large avalanches are crossing the trail eight miles up from the trailhead, but are beginning to melt.

• Highland Mary Trail : Blocked one-half-mile from the trailhead.

• Ice Lakes Trail : Snowslide one mile from trailhead, passable by foot.
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• Pass Creek Trail : S now-covered.

• Engineer Mountain Trail : Clear to ridge, top is under snow.

• Mountain View Crest : Snow-covered.

• Purgatory Trail : Clear to the Animas River.

• Cascade Creek Trail: Has many fallen trees covering the trail and some snow.

• Junction Creek Trail is clear.

• Hoffheinz Connection and Dry Fork Loop are clear.

• Colorado Trail in the Molas Pass area is snow-covered.

• Crater Lake Trail is snow-covered.

Road and trail conditions change daily. For up-to-date information, call the San Juan Public Lands Center at 247-4874.

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