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sm420 index ring / Wardens pilot adapter

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anyone know where to get the index ring for the sm420-3spd adapter...and how do I get a hold of Wardens pilot adapter?
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mudrak has the TO bearing sleeve.

Georg... I was able to use the Toyota clutch disk... it fit fine. I've heard sometimes they fit, sometimes they don't.
The splines are the same, but the Toyota is a bit smaller... so sticking a chevy input (like an SM420) into a Toyota clutch shouldn't work. But mine did, and other's have.

never heard of replacing the bearing retainer with the 3 speed one. that makes me nervous. has anyone here done that?

From what I have been told, the bearing retainer sets the correct preload on the input bearing of the tranny. but... Georg could verify that.
Hmmmm... do they all need that spacer? I did one, and took another apart, and i don't recall a spacer... but the drive gear seemed to line up with the other gear.

and the longer pilot bearing... where does that part# work? I just looked for it, can't find it. Is that the longer pilot bearing for an F or a chevy?
i've used the brass bushing... i'm just wondering what Chef is talking about with the "bca# 202rre"

maybe some strange part that works instead of using the brass spacer busing.
1 - 4 of 51 Posts
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