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sm420 index ring / Wardens pilot adapter

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anyone know where to get the index ring for the sm420-3spd adapter...and how do I get a hold of Wardens pilot adapter?
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Sorry, I actually have no clue what it looks like....
can anyone help me out?
i dont think smythe sells them anymore, and I will contact classic cruisers for the 1 peice pilot bearing, does this mean I dont need to order a pilot bearing from GM.
deleted my pms...havent got yours yet.

Hey im learning....:flipoff2:

Im 17, ok...
Dropped you an email Spaceghost..

What is everyones opinion on bushing (above pic) vs. Bearing?
Is that all I need to adapt the sm420 input shaft to my "F" engines Flywheel? no more sleeves or anything??
If so PM me with a price, and shipping to 94062(woodside, ca) and I'll buy it from you.

fawk...not flywheel, but pilot hole in my crankshaft...same shit Pilot bearing adapter
yea I have heard that the clutch discs fit too. I will try mine. What part of it doesnt fit....beacuse the splining is the same right??, and the rest of the stuff like the pressure plate, and flywheel are from the F.

OK where will you be in Redwood City, what time, and how much do you want for it?? Can I write you a check or do u want cash?

In order to bypass the index ring and Sleve, Alls i gots to do is drill the $20 bolt pattern into the bearing retainer for the 3spd. Have you done this?? DOes the 420 input shaft and bearing fit in the 3spd retainer?? Do I need to plug the OEM holes with something...If so, any ideas??

OK, I will call you tomarrow.

I dont know if my budget will let me get a new disk.
Sorry I didnt get a hold of you today, I still would like to get theose parts form you.... If you dont knwo waht to bring...bring anything that has to do with an sm420 swap... I will call you tomarrow sometime late morning///If I cant reach you and you get this before, give me a call on my cell @ 650 722 3889. Thanks, Andrew
didnt get it...its ok...I will just wait and see if my clutch fits, and if not, I will get a new one. plus I can tafford it right now anyway, so hopefully it will fit.
You wouldnt happen to have the roll pin for it laying around anywhere would you? If so I would love that?

Do you guys meet there every wednesday night?? Is ****** the one with the Blue 40 and the dk Grn 45 pickup? I met a guy named mark at a ranch in Half moon bay and he said a bunch of guys swing by somewhere in redwood coty on wednesday nights... That you guys?? He invited me to join them, and I intended to, but then my 5 cylinder modification turned into a 3cyl modification and that didnt go over too well. anyway...I will give you a call tomarrow.
The whole output shaft boly/fender washer/spacer deal...the one that is used to retain the transfer case input gear.
I know dude...I only have like 7 pms in my box...and I am a paying member so I think i get more than that, it has been saying that for a while, and I have deleted all of them. I dono what it is, I will check into it further.

Thanks a whole lot, I really appreciate it...looking forward to hearing from you in the AM.

Hey George,
Thanks for including me, and hooking me up with those parts... Hopefully I will see you next week. Does your company make gasket kits for the 420?? Should I bother getting a gasket kit, or just make my own with silicone?
GIfu....I got the pilot bearing adapter from Orangefj45, and he told me to soak it in oil...There is no bearing, its just a brass bushing pressed into a steel cup that goes into the crank. It seems like it will work great. I dont know if he has any more, but if you are looking for that, Its worth a try.
I ordered mine from toyota, and beleive it or not, they had it in stock.
hmm....ya know, I wasnt really thinkin about that, I ordered my indexing ring, but it hasnt arrived yet....I guess I just related this to it for some reason... I probably just spaced. heh, oh well.

Hey spaceghost...did you send the ring yet??
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