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Im asking for $275. Retail is $300.

Brand new in stock. The Smart Parts Epiphany builds on the world-class field-proven performance of the Ion with new features and improved consistency, it is set to take a new intermediate level position in the Smart Parts marker line.

Adjustable volume fire chamber for velocity stability at high rates of fire
All metal body, feedneck, and grip frame construction
Super-light, fast-acting bolt
Enhanced solenoid valve Super-light magnesium alloy boyd, grip frame, and trigger
Conical trigger bearing which eliminates side to side trigger slop
Break-beam vision anti-chop technology
Interchangeable bore barrel - standard
Ergonomically designed trigger frame built to be walked
Three point trigger adjustment
Integrated air rail
Rail-mounted on/off ASA
High level of Ion compatibility - Epiphany owners can make use of many existing aftermarket accessories and Ion owners can upgrade to Epiphany level performance.
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