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Smokin deal on a nice engine hoist!

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Yea I know this is borderline chit chat but figured the post would do the most good here:flipoff2:

I found an engine hoist at Sam's Club, well made, folding, pins for folding istead of cheesy undersize bolts, came with an engine leveler (usually $60-70 themselves). When folded it rests on 4 casters for easy moving, when set up to work the rear casters get pivoted up off the deck so they are not dragging around making it tough to move/slide the hoist.
The lift is yellow/blue and says goodyear racing all over it (I'll have to cover with a BFG sticker:D) I had always borrowed my neighbors but for this kind of money I bought my own finally- well Santa brought it early.

$169 big ones. and no steep shipping from one of the mail order places.
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