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Snap-on torque wrench problem??

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Hey guys, hopefully this isn't too newbie of a question. I have a Snap-on TE 175 Torqometer. It is the kind with the needle where you can turn the dial to your desired torque or leave it at zero. Anyway, I had it recalibrated not too long ago and now the needle doesn't point up and down anymore, it is off center to about 20 ft. lbs. Of course I can turn the dial to "zero it out" and torque from there, but is that accurate? Anyone else have this wrench and experience this? Just wanted to know if it is still accurate or if there is a problem. I called a local dealer and he doesn't seem to think anything is wrong, but he may just not want to deal with me.
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I have lots of snap on tools, and if you just had it recalibrated and it is doing this, I would take it back to the snap on guy that recalibrated it, and make him fix it. Otherwise, since it is snap on and has a lifetime warranty, get a new one for free!
My Snap-on guy sent torque wrenches out to someone else for repair and calibration. You might be better off sending it directly to the outfit that does calibration, no middle man and they will listen to you and answer questions directly. They will also provide a certificate of calibration if they are reputable and you request it, so you know you aren't getting duped by dealer who's just bending the springs around with a pair of pliers to make someone happy. If you drop a Snap-On torque wrench, parts repair and recalibration isn't covered by Lifetime warranty (read the fine print in the catalog). I once accidentally knocked a click type TQ series off the bench onto the concrete floor and something inside broke. You could hear it rattle inside and the dial didn't read properly . It cost me $65 to fix.
Snap on has a flat rate repair and calibration price for all their torque products.

From their dealer website:

NOTE 1: The following Calibration and Flat Rate prices do not apply to a product that cannot be
calibrated due to abuse or tampering. Such products will be returned not repaired.

NOTE 2: Unless stated in the product service, Calibration Certificates are not included in the Flat Rate
and Labor Rate prices. Calibration Certificates must be ordered on the Service Order.
(See Calibration Certificate Options below).

NOTE 3: Calibration Only is applicable when repair is not needed in order to calibrate the tool. When
the torque wrench is found to require repair, the normal Flat Rate will be applied.
(The Flat Rate program does not provide estimates).

NOTE 4: The test equipment and standards used to calibrate torque products are traceable to NIST
(National Institute of Standards and Technology).

NOTE 5: TBT600 sensors and digital displays must be calibrated as a system.
(A sensor cannot be calibrated without the digital display).

NOTE 6: Some older model torque wrenches can no longer be adequately serviced due to unavailability
of parts. (This applies to models TQ1 through TQ2000, Q150 through Q3150F, QC117 through QC4600,
QTS130 and QTSP130, QJ4400 through QJ4600 and QJR4600A, QJR104 and QJFR275).

NOTE 7: QJR4600B and QJR4600BB models are serviced at:
Angle Repair Service
175 Angle Drive
Berkley, Wv. 25801-8447
Phone: 800-573-0037

Calibration Certification Options

Option 1 An SC166A Certificate of Compliance certifies that the calibration accuracy specification
was met during testing at the repair center. The accuracy specification and basic information
are shown on the certificate but test readings are not supplied.
Price $20.00

Option 2 An SC164C Calibration Certificate gives the actual test readings of a torque product before
and after calibration was performed to comply with customer quality control needs. This option
is required by many customers such as Nuclear Power plants and ISO9000 certified companies.
Price $35.00
Flat Rate for Micrometer (Click) and Dial Model Torque Products

Model Type / Size Calibrate Only Repair & Calibrate
Labor Rate Labor Rate
1/4 inch Dial Model $35.15 $50.66
With SC166A Compliance Certificate $55.15 $70.66
With SC164C Calibration Certificate $70.15 $85.66
3/8 inch Dial Model $36.70 $52.98
With SC166A Compliance Certificate $56.70 $72.98
With SC164C Calibration Certificate $71.70 $87.98
1/2 inch Dial Model $39.80 $57.89
With SC166A Compliance Certificate $59.80 $77.89
With SC164C Calibration Certificate $74.80 $92.89

1/4 inch (Click) Model with adjustable Scale $35.15 $50.66
With SC166A Compliance Certificate $55.15 $70.66
With SC164C Calibration Certificate $70.15 $85.66
3/8 inch (Click) Model with adjustable Scale $36.70 $52.98
With SC166A Compliance Certificate $56.70 $72.98
With SC164C Calibration Certificate $71.70 $87.98
1/2 inch (Click) Model with adjustable Scale $39.80 $57.89
With SC166A Compliance Certificate $59.80 $77.89
With SC164C Calibration Certificate $74.80 $92.89
Hope this helps.
Thanks for the help guys, but my problem is it was about a year ago that it was recalibrated. I said "not too long ago" because I don't use it that much. I also had a friend give it to the dealer because I don't have regular contact with one, AND that dealer no longer works for Snap-on. The dealer I just talked to said the repair warranty is only 90 days.

I was just hoping someone else had this wrench and had experienced this before.
As a dealer, I would say that unless you are a valued customer (i.e., you spend lots of money) they will probably just send the wrench in for re-calibration and charge you the fees. Some customers that make it worth our while can cause us to eat some fees like that once in a while... It's all up to the particular dealer and his policy.

Why didn't you send it right back if it was messed up when you got it back? That would have been the prudent thing to do. In any case, just becasue the numbers are off, doesn't automatically mean that the torque values are off. It may indeed be perfectly calibrated with the pointed set away from dead center on the torque meter. I used to calibrate torque wrenches when I worked in quality control for a major hydraulics manufacturer and that sometimes happens. It doesn't usually effect the actual torque reading, just the initial pointer position. A cheap test is to test it against another torque wrench or two to see if it is in line with them. If it is, just use it.
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I agree, it would have been best to send it back right away. Soon after I got it fixed, it was only slightly off center, so I didn't worry about it. It was just recently that it was more drastic. I understand taking care of those who spend money with you - I am not one of those for Snap-on tools :(.
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