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Once again a bunch of people who have never seen or operated that machine telling you not to buy. That welder was made by Marquette. It's 60% at 200 amps so it's about the same power as a MM200. Not that any of this matters. A "tall" bottle is likely worth $250. The regulator, if working, is worth $50. That means the welder is free so if it only works for a year or two before needing some sort of work you can afford to scrap it. Too bad you are not in the Midwest or I'd be looking to buy that before you. If you pass on a working Ya205a for $300.00 you are a dope. As long as the transformer is OK you could easily add a separate wire feeder and use it as a power supply only or just scrap it for the copper when it brakes and use your bottle and regulator on your next welder. Just make sure it is a 220vac single phase model and not one of the look a like 110vac toys that are often called 205's by sellers.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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